It is the dream of every woman to maintain a great shape, look healthy and stay healthy. Unfortunately this is one dream that has remained just that—a dream—for most women. If truth be told, most women secretly wish they could swap their body for something slimmer, more supple, more athletic, and above all, one that reflects their true age, if not much younger!

But modern diet and lifestyle have constantly stood in the way of achieving this dream. And as if these aren’t enough, certain biological factors have further conspired to make it easier for the average woman to add weight than lose them, especially women of childbearing age.

Most of these biological factors are beyond the control of women. But biology represents just one of the 3 pillars of overweight and obesity. The other two are diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, these other two factors ARE within your control.

The truth is that apart from instances of rare genetic anomalies, your diet and the lifestyle you adopt are the two greatest causes of weight problems. Foods rich in cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle are just the perfect formula for not only disproportionate body shape but also complex health problems.

But what if you are already overweight or simply desire to drop a few pounds for either health or personal reasons? Here are 4 weight loss tips that have worked for most women, and pretty much everyone else.

Work Your Muscles: this entails engaging in varieties of physical activity throughout the week, if not the day. It includes going outdoors and playing physically-demanding games with friends, running, jumping with rope and doing similar things that help burn fats and calories faster. Don’t have much time for scheduled exercises?

Then in the course of your daily activities try using the stairs rather than the lift, try washing your car rather than paying someone else to do it, carry your grocery bags yourself most times, park your car some distance away from the office and walk the rest.

In themselves, each of these activities may not appear to amount to much exercise. But put together they all add up to work your muscles and help you burn fat.

Consume Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables:—at least 5 portions each day. These are not only rich in nutrients; they also come with lots of fiber that give you that feeling of fullness which eliminates the urge to indulge in further meals. So replace those ice-creams with banana or apple and those fizzy drinks with your home-made fruit juice. The result will amaze you.

Drink As Much Water As You Possibly Can Throughout The Day:
Water not only makes you feel full, but more importantly, it helps detoxify your body, which is very crucial because toxins are partly responsible for weight gains. So take water in place of soda.

Keep A Positive Outlook: this may seem commonsensical. But unknown to many, stress has been identified as one of the hidden causes of weight gain, especially among women. So get lots of sleep, engage in yoga, and spend time with friends, kids, or pets. Generally take steps to eliminate as much stress from your daily life as possible.

The four steps given above are neither too difficult nor too easy to follow. But they are weight loss tactics that can help every woman to get in shape with time and stay in shape ever after—as long as one sticks to them. So I advise you to give them a shot and observe the difference in the way you look and the way you’ll feel.

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