A Quick Detox for Weight Loss

Detoxification is all about resting the body’s internal organs, and then cleaning and nourishing them from the inside out. By eliminating toxins from your body, and then feeding it with wholesome, healthy nutrients, the body is thus helped to get rejuvenated and better able to ward off common diseases and maintain optimal health.

We live in an age when chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, food preservatives and many more have become a part of life. In addition, plastics and other materials used for food packaging also constitute health risks. So very often, these substances leak into and contaminate the food we consume.

The process is usually slow and imperceptible. But overtime, they cause our body to become overwhelmed, leaving us tired, weakening the immune system as well as slowing down metabolism. You must know by now that sluggish metabolism is one of the chief causes of overweight and obesity.

So if you must lose weight, then you must also increase the rate at which your body burns calories—your metabolism. And to achieve that, dietitians recommended that everyone should do a detox at least once each year.

Fortunately, internal body cleansing (detoxification) isn’t a procedure that needs to be administered at a hospital. Although individuals under special medication and breastfeeding mothers need to see their doctors before embarking on a detox program, generally body cleansing is a Do It Yourself procedure.

It begins with little changes in the food you typically consume each day. The food you eat can either help your body cleanse or they can clog your body. Foods can contribute to the build-up of waste in the form of excess weight and fat, or they can contribute to the process of losing weight. The right food provides the body with lots of energy while the wrong types of food leave you feeling sluggish, listless and depressed.

Though the body possesses amazing self-healing abilities, each of us still has part to play. For instance, don’t you agree that the person who limits their consumption of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates have a better chance of staying thin than those who binge on these sorts of food?

Similarly, you need the right foods to nourish your body and help your immune system stay strong. Also, you need to eat the type of foods that help metabolism and waste removal.

As far as cleansing your body is concerned, the best foods are those that are easily digested. The reason is that digestion is a process that tasks the body a lot. If you constantly burden your body down with foods hard to digest, little energy will be left for cleansing your system.

The best foods in this regard include fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamin water which helps in flushing out waste. They are also easily digested, especially when eaten alone and preferably raw. For best results, this should be eaten first thing in the morning.

This way, they stimulate your body’s natural enzymes for the day’s work. Of course, it is also beneficial if you could add generous servings of fruits and vegetables to your other meals since they are known to quicken the process of digesting other foods. They work in two ways.

So if you’re working on losing weight, do not overlook the need to detox your internal system. It just may mean the difference between seeing quick results or toiling in vain.

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Cleansing For Health and Weight Loss

Why should you consider cleansing your body? Well it’s no secret that thinner people typically have higher metabolic rates. But it would be a mistake to conclude that a person must be born with this sort of metabolism.

Many are beginning to realize that a weight loss cleanse can rev up their metabolism and help them lose weight. But what makes this necessary in the first place?

Our environment is full of impurities, also known as toxins. But the matter has simply worsened in recent times with the development of synthesized drugs and food flavors. Our body is thus constantly bombarded with lots of stuff that leave the organs overworked and weakened.

It is not surprising therefore that toxins have been implicated in a number of illnesses that plaque our world today, including overweight and obesity.

Body cleansing or detoxification is now recognized as one of the most effective ways to stimulate weight loss through the elimination of toxins.

The specifics may differ, but cleansing typically involves a strict menu program which consists mostly of water, fruit, fruit juices and raw vegetables. Internal cleansing of the body is not an entirely modern practice—it was long practiced in many ancient cultures.

But it is only recently that the health benefits of this practice have come to light, especially in the face of many common ailments that defy common remedies.

Body cleansing basically means cleaning the body’s internal organs, such as the blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, and lymph by removing impurities from them. Our body also eliminates toxins through the lungs.

When these organs are working at their best, illnesses will be few. But when they’re rendered weak by impurities, poisonous substances linger around in the bloodstream and elsewhere, and these will eventually become a nuisance to all other parts of the body.

What this means is that even for naturally healthy individuals, unchecked toxin load can gradually overpower the human body, leading to various illnesses.

You can avert or reverse most of these dangers through holistic body cleansing. Toxins are often stored in fat, and this can cause sluggish thyroid, hormonal imbalances, increased craving for food and slow metabolism.

Indeed many experts now believe that intestinal parasites could make it more difficult for people to lose weight. And for such individuals, things usually get better after using a parasite cleanse. They often begin to lose weight faster because as they diet, their bodies respond faster to healthier foods.

This is often achieved through a process known as colon cleansing which speeds up metabolism and weight loss. There are two ways to go about it. One is through carefully chosen diet that is rich in water, fruit, fruit juices and raw vegetables, and low on cholesterol, especially the LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) type.

Another way to cleanse the colon is through colon cleansing supplements. They work just as well, at least in the short term. The supplements are designed to help clean up the small intestines.

Remember that digestive wastes move through the small intestines on their way out of the body. Keeping the digestive track unencumbered is therefore necessary for the body’s proper waste disposal and healthy weight.

Cleansing your internal system for any reason makes good sense. Above all, it strengthens the body’s capacity to fight diseases. And, do not overlook how much toxins may be contributing to your weight!

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Detoxification: Getting the Most from Fasting

What is Detoxification and Nutrtional Cleansing? We all try our best to keep clean on the outside. But very few persons pay attention to internal hygiene. Fasting is one method of keeping your internal environment clean. It is a form of body cleansing and detoxification that’s gaining global acceptance.

But the practice is not entirely new. Indeed, for centuries ancient cultures had recognized and employed fasting as an effective and inexpensive method of cleansing the internal organs and rejuvenating the body.

Done properly, fasting gives your body some breather, enabling it to flush out built-up toxins and other impurities that accumulate overtime from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the beverages we consume, as well as the contaminations that abound in the environment.

But despite the numerous health benefits that fasting offers, it is advisable to first confirm your health status with your doctor if you’re embarking on it for the first time. This is because there are many fasting programs to choose from. And they all have their merits and demerits, depending on your goal and health condition.

Peter Bennett, N.D., Medical Director of Helios Clinic in Victoria, B.C., while affirming that the human body has its own incredible natural healing system, also acknowledges that detoxification greatly enhances this self-healing mechanism.

He believes that once the internal organs have become reasonably compromised as a result of toxins, it often takes the body some time to clean up. A detox program that includes fasting will hasten that cleansing process.

Our modern diet is loaded with substances that clog the colon. This results in the accumulation of toxins in the colon which are gradually transferred to fat deposits in the body. Every body detox program should therefore start with cleansing the colon.

Bennett’s detoxification program for example, involves fasting on liquids for some days, say 2-3 days. This should be followed by a carefully-chosen 5-day detox diet. This approach will give the digestive system ample time to rest and clean itself up.

Other experts recommend fasting on fruit juice, vegetable juice, and water for three to seven days as an alternative way to clear the body of toxins. This method works much the same way as the one earlier discussed. Another method preferred by most persons involves drinking ONLY WATER for a whole day once each week.

But to get the best results from fasting, these steps should be closely followed by a carefully chosen post-fasting diet. As part of your detox program, eat lots of fiber, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and brown rice. Cabbage, beets, broccoli, and seaweeds are all excellent detoxification diets you can feast on.

And to ensure your liver is effectively cleansed too, take lots of green tea, dandelion roots and similar herbs. Vitamin C is known to help in the production of a compound called glutathione, which helps the liver to expel toxins.

So a daily dose of vitamin C should form part of your detox diet following fasting. And don’t forget water and oxygen! 6-8 glasses of water per day should be your minimum, while you deliberately take in deep breaths to enable oxygen to circulate more completely throughout your body.

Finally, do not underestimate the negative impact that stress can have on your health—especially in the build up of toxins. To this end, discipline yourself to focus mainly on positive thoughts as a way of putting stress and anxiety away. Fasting in this manner is the best way to heal and detoxify your body.

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