Nutritional Cleansing and Body cleansing is gradually becoming a central part of health management. From spas to fasting, various forms of body cleansing are now widely available and touted as the ultimate ways of staving off common diseases and staying healthy.

It has also become big business with ever growing demand worldwide.
But in truth, body cleansing is not only fashionable; it is also sensible.
The human body sure possesses an inbuilt ability to heal and renew itself.

But due mostly to modern diet and our highly polluted environment, toxins easily build up to levels beyond what the body’s internal mechanisms can effectively handle. So if your body is going to stay optimally clean and toxin-free, it needs your help.

Cleansing helps your internal organs to get rid of impurities and strengthens your body cells. The result is that you are left feeling fresher and more energetic.

Another word for body cleansing is detoxification. The process involves abstaining from certain types of foods and beverages that are known to dramatically increase toxin load in the body. Such foods and substances include refined sugars, saturated fats, coffee and alcohol.

Although alcohol (especially red wine) is proven to contain certain chemical compounds such as flavonoids that are reputed to be good for the heart, the general rule is that if at all you must consume alcoholic beverages, it must be in moderation. Same thing can also be said of coffee.

And for the period you’re embarking on a cleansing program, or you have a proven cardiovascular risk factor, it’s best to stay off these beverages altogether. Refined carbohydrates are also not good for you if you truly want to cleanse your internal system.

In the meantime, choose your diet from among food items that are proven to be low in cholesterol. Soluble fiber meals are your best bet. They are proven to help pick up toxins from the body and lead them out through the digestive system.

Foods in this category include barley, peas, oatmeal, lentils, apple, blackberries, Brussels sprouts, raisins, oranges, dates, grapefruits, apricots, and practically all varieties of beans.

Although you might not have thought about it, body cleansing also involves a deliberate effort to reduce stress from your daily life. Stress has been proven to trigger the release of destructive toxic hormones into the bloodstream.

These hormones disrupt the functioning of enzymes in the liver that are responsible for detoxifying the body. So any cleansing program that doesn’t include ways to eliminate or limit stress and anxiety is incomplete.

Yoga and meditation can be of help in this regard. Another suggestion is to always find time each day to unwind your mind and rest your physical body.

You can also control stress by deciding to react calmly to the inevitable stressful situations that life throws up every now and then. It is your reaction that determines the level of stress hormones or TOXIC OVER LOAD in your bloodstream.

The steps discussed in this article are by no means the only ways you can rid your Body Of Toxins. There are numerous other body cleansing programs and recipes out there, depending on individual needs.

Basically, the methods discussed here are those you can practice all by yourself, or with minimum advice from your healthcare practitioner.
But what is certain is that the body occasionally needs to be cleansed—at least twice a year. Body cleansing reduces your need for medical attention, and gives you more energy for your daily activities.


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