Time and again, the importance of Healthy Nutrition has been linked to the prevention and management of diabetes. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services urges us to eat healthy to reduce our risk of diabetes.

A diabetes diet offers the Healthy Nutrition that diabetics and prediabetics need. A healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes is a must for anyone on a diabetes diet.

Just what is a diabetes diet, anyway? Healthy nutrition is at the heart of a diabetes diet. Diabetic friendly recipes from a healthy recipe book help guide diabetics and prediabetics in their quest for healthy nutrition.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that, as of 2010, as many as 24.6 million people in the United States are diabetics. This amounts to over 7.8% of the population. What’s more, 6.7 million of those diabetics don’t even know they have it. This is why following a diabetes diet is important even if you feel healthy.

If you’re wondering what a diabetic diet looks like, there is a food pyramid for diabetics on the American Diabetes Association website. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is slightly different than the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

The Diabetes Food Pyramid groups foods according to their carbohydrate (and protein) content. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes and corn, are in the grain group. Another difference is that cheese is placed with the meats instead of the milk group. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is a good guide for diabetics and prediabetics to have when planning meals from a healthy recipe book.

If you do not have diabetes or prediabetes, a diabetes diet is still a good way to get in healthy nutrition. Diabetic friendly recipes are not solely for those with diabetes and prediabetes.

Everyone stands to benefit from the Healthy Nutrition that comes with following a diabetes diet. And all you need to get started with a diabetes diet is this article and a healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes.

The healthy nutrition that often comes from diabetic friendly recipes is nothing out of the ordinary. Following a diabetes diet doesn’t mean you need to become a vegan or ban your favorite foods. A diabetes diet is all about choosing foods from a healthy recipe book that will stabilize your blood glucose, lower high blood pressure, and bring your cholesterol levels to optimal numbers.

Of course, a diabetes diet also brings diabetic friendly recipes that will help you achieve, or maintain, a healthy weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people who have prediabetes to lose weight if they need to.

Getting down to a Healthy Weight can postpone the onset of full blown diabetes and, in many cases, even normalize blood glucose levels. You can usually find diabetic friendly recipes in a healthy recipe book that will assist in weight loss.

The best way to ensure that your meals are healthy is to prepare them yourself. Grab a healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes and use it to plan out your meals for the week.

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